Peer Review Process

Time Table

The Editorial board of  IJBASR follows a time table as far as possible which is as follow –

Sl. NoDescriptiveTime
1.Time from receiving manuscript to initial (provisional) approval/disapproval by editorial board7 days
2.Time from approval to completion of peer review10-13 weeks
3.Time for authors to send back the correction or explanations to comments by peer reviewers3 weeks
4.Time for final acceptance by the editorial board based on peer review process2 weeks
5.Time for authors to send in the final corrected draft2 weeks
6.Time for IJBASR to set up the article in its format2 weeks
7.Time for authors to do the final proof reading1 weeks
8.Time for IJBASR to do the proof reading changes1 weeks
9.Time for IJBASR to Publish the Online First version (Only if time to Final publication is more than 15 days) (Only if requested by Authors – Paid Service)1-2 weeks